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A new sense of space

APIs from RealityCap give iOS apps the ability to sense their surroundings in three dimensions. This patented (US Patent #8,976,172) sensor fusion technology combines computer vision and inertial data to give your apps accurate 6DOF device motion and a 3D point cloud of the environment. RealityCap software runs on 2011 (A5-based) and newer devices in real time, with no additional hardware or markers. Results are accurate over both short and long distances, and come with absolute scale in meters.

Mouse over the images below to see a few of the many possible applications.

Augmented Reality

Your awesome 3D content shouldn't jump around like a 90's rap song, or disappear just because a marker went out of view. Instantly improve any augmented reality experience by tracking device motion more accurately. No markers needed.


Wish you could measure real distances from your app, without any gimmicks, external devices, or weird procedures? Soon you'll be able to, we're releasing an app shortly.

Indoor Navigation

Track precise device motion over long distances. Give turn by turn directions indoors, without the aid of GPS, WiFi, or other beacons. Create engaging interactions with real-world places and spaces.

The 3DK Framework

3DK exposes the full complement of RealityCap data, including 6DOF device motion and a real-time point cloud. This sample code illustrates how the API works:

// Prepare for sensor fusion.
RCSensorFusion* sensorFusion = [RCSensorFusion sharedInstance];
sensorFusion.delegate = self;

// Start sensor fusion.
[sensorFusion startSensorFusionWithStaticCalibration:false];

// Repeatedly pass in the video frames and inertial data.
[sensorFusion receiveVideoFrame:sampleBuffer];
[sensorFusion receiveAccelerometerData:accelerometerData];
[sensorFusion receiveGyroData:gyroData];

// Implement these protocol methods to receive data.
- (void) sensorFusionDidUpdate:(RCSensorFusionData*)data {}
- (void) sensorFusionError:(NSError*)error {}

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